PGHSWeb, formerly PGHSWebPublishing, is an internet-based development firm. When we say internet-based, that’s what we mean. We don’t have any storefront or office, we’re just here. On the web. Traveling the information superhighway. Exploring the noosphere. But---that puts us at an advantage. We can be wherever you want us to be, via state-of-the-art conference technology. Our experts and consultants can be on the phone in your office or projected onto the wall of your boardroom. And even though our staff is based in the central time zone, we can accomodate your schedule, wherever you happen to be.

We offer services in website design, hosting, and consultation, graphic design, database development and management, computer hardware consulting, and software development.

PGHSWeb is a member of Schley Enterprises, along with our sister companies Haig/Jackson Communications, Inc. and Appraisals by Schley, LLC.


Patrick G.H. Schley - CEO and Senior Developer
Michael Tackes - Associate Developer (Graphic Design)
Benn Newman - Associate Developer (Web and Desktop-based Applications)
Michael Schreiber - Associate Developer (Web and Graphic Design)


866.221.6074 ext. 103